Control Specialist

Title: Control Specialist

Schedule: M-F FT 7am-4pm

Pay: $10.00 per hour

Control Specialist
POSITION OVERVIEW: To successfully run all scheduled Invoice and Renewal Jobs and provide production support to the Computer Operations Group and Client Relations Group. To successfully run all scheduled jobs by setting up, uploading, submitting and processing output of renewals, invoices, gift invoices, premiums, products, cash acknowledgements/Payments, Change of address, renewal test coding and holiday/non holiday gift renewals. • Working closely with Client Relations, JCL Analysts, Print Programmers and/or computer room operators, follows up and resolves any processing errors, corrections, issues with invoices, premium, product, gift, acknowledgement or renewal jobs that did not run successfully and/or were held from previous nights’ production. • Reviews and monitors log book. Logs all nightly invoice and/or renewal jobs that ran successfully and any jobs that are pending. • Reviews turnover report and resolve any problems pending from the previous shift and makes note of any relayed information that may affect production. • Move production reports to appropriate electronic folders as needed. • Requests approvals for production and submits back ends as needed. • Re-submits jobs to run as needed • Answers and assist Client Relations and computer room with questions regarding renewal and/or invoice jobs. • Verifies all non-scheduled and scheduled pubs and records information on daily job-stream sheets from the production schedules provided by Client Relations either by hard copy, electronically and/or MSA schedules. • Uploads jobs to MSA via a web application and troubleshoots any issues with the upload and completion of the load to the mainframe. Works with Client Relations to resolve any issues. • Utilize CICS menus to set up timing for production jobs as needed. • Re-upload or reselect jobs as revised schedule notifications are received • Submits nightly production jobs via CICS and mainframe menus to the RDR queue using the daily job stream sheets. • Writes up and checks that all the pubs on your job stream sheet are on the nightly production schedule and match as far as mains, supplements and month ends, etc. • Verifies and runs test selects as scheduled for Client Relations. • Prints and files all revised and extended schedules as needed. • Prepares print transmittal requests and forwards transmittal to print programming production for print processing or to the print room to be printed. • Prepares Job Stream sheets for next week. • Writes up turnover report with any issues pending on renewal jobs for following shift to resolve and/or follow-up on. • Utilize the AS400 to set up, run and finalize renewal test coding jobs via Excel templates provided by Client Relations. • Ensures all quality control measures are being adhered to for all jobs submitted. • Prepares log sheets. • Writes up turnover report with any issues pending regarding production or test jobs following shift to resolve and/or follow-up on. • Trains new staff or cross trains other staff members on any of the functions within the control department.
Requirements - Experience - Minimum: 
Requirements - Education: 
• Requires a high school diploma or equivalent. • Must have experience using a PC with basic Microsoft Word and Excel knowledge. • A strong level of proficiency on Microsoft Outlook is required. • Experience working on Mainframe and AS400 is a plus (highly desirable but not required). • Must have strong typing skills, be very detailed minded, multi task oriented and extremely organized work habits are required. (Testing will be conducted prior to the hiring process) • Able to work in a high volume, fast paced, production/deadline driven environment. Must be able to communicate, both verbal and written, effectively & professionally with all levels of personnel and clients. • Able to identify processing errors and resolve issues regarding renewal production job runs. • Must have strong organizational, analytic, and problem solving skills. • Able to identify processing errors and resolve issues regarding renewal production job runs. • Sitting, standing, bending, the duration of the shift • Lifting (up to 25 lbs.) • Keying for extended periods of time. • Attributes: Hands, eyes, wrist, fingers, legs, feet, back, and ankles are used in order to perform the essential responsibilities of this position.